C 215

C 215 whose real name is Christian Guémy belongs to the outstanding stencil artists of our time. C 215 born in France doesn't often stay in Paris but travels permanently/constantly all over the world leaving his traces in various cities, taking part in exhibitions and and just searching for inspiration. In the last years he has worked in many counties, but he admits/confesses his special love to Marocco.

He started his career as freehand-graffiti and sketching artist. He then preoccupied himself with photography and painting only to finally develop into a refined stencil technique.

The characteristic element of his work are the motley colour-threads of extreme intensity. They permeate his creations like vains. In spite of this expressive colourfulness his works seem very naturalistic. The other important feature is the focusing on the eyes of his characters. As a result the faces are marked by a strong expression.

Each stencil has its own history: most of them are based oh his drawings or photographs.

It is important for C 215 that his works fit in their urban surrounding and cause the feeling they have always been there  and  the respective spot on the city surface was determined for their existence. He uses not only the architectural objects as a canvas but also cardboard with honeycomb-structure which the artist intentionally wants to emphasise. The aesthetics of the material itself makes the images look like guests from some parallel reality and creates an alienating impression on the viewer.

Exhibitions by C 215


"Stencils Only"

24.9. - 15.10.2010

zusammen mit:

2SickBastards (London)
BTOY (Barcelona)
PISA73 (Berlin)
L.E.T. (Düsseldorf)

Pictures of the Exhibition

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