ecb - Hendrik Beikirch : Faces of hope and struggle

June 10, 2010

Starting on the 18th of june, Pretty Portal shows new works by ecb - Hendrik Beikirch. Large sized Portraits are in the focus of the presentation, which already impressed the visitors of stroke02 artfair in munich two weeks ago.

On his travels Hendrik Beikirch drafted charismatic people, who caught his eye because of a special expression of hope and struggle. Such as a pizza baker out of Brooklyn/ new York and a factory work out of the Ukraine.
The portraits are reduced on the person and shows them frontal. In form and content there is an approximation to the biometrical exposure used in up-to-date passport photography. This is contrasted by the draft like painting method that Hendirk Beikirch developed in the last years. In this procedure he mixes spraypaint, acrylic paint and water to create the impression of an oversized watercolour paiting on the canvas.

ecb - Hendrik Beikirch
Faces of Hope and struggle
18.6. - 16.7.
Vernissage 18.6. 19-23h

New works by Pascal Schwendener

June 10, 2010

Grand City Canyon
Oil on canvas
140 x 240 cm

Luftschloss (Castle in the air)
Oil on canvas
140 x 190 cm

Stroke 02 München II

June 09, 2010

ecb - Hendrik Beikirch


Pascal Schwendener

Pictures from the Exhibition: ICH

March 10, 2010


2 sick bastards

January 07, 2010

The  2 sick bastards from London having a short Intermezzo in the gallery in january. The artistduo plays with iconic imiges and wellknown logograms and sets a critical light and brands and popstars.

The canvases come with a series of silkscreen prints

that are available in our  Onlineshop .

Urban Expo 2009

November 24, 2009

The Urban Expo 2009 is a groupshow with six street- and urban artists. Bres81, Cole Blaq, Hannes Höhlig, Miroh, Nel, Wow the dead will show Sculptures, wallpaintings,  pieces in oil-based paint and acrylic paint and markers on canvas and paper.

Urban Expo 2009
Bres81, Cole Blaq, Hannes Höhlig, Miroh, Nel, Wow the dead
Vernissage 04.12.2009 ab 19h
Ausstellung 04.12. - 23.12.2009

Wow the dead

Bres 81



Exhibition Peeta

November 20, 2009

click on the pics to see more

The exhibition Peeta "Sparke and Fade" can be seen in the gallery until 27th of november.

dust: "darkdust" exhibition opening on 21st of august

August 12, 2009

Starting on the 21. of august we present a new and impressive exhibition by dust with the title "darkdust"

Dust's works open our eyes for a fragile and organic microcosm: For one moment it appears a fanciful picture that is vanished again with the next glance.

The works are focused on the vision of harmony between humans and nature. The abstract and reduced form of a human being, without its true identity - like animals in a consumer society. The artists style is a mixture of contemporary abstraction, surrealism and striking form and colour design.

Works are now not only seen in the streets of modern metropolises but also in contemporary galleries.

Next to the artists established work on canvas and paper there will also be his new serial of sculptures and designtoys. Recently those „Schergen“ were successfully presented in the New York Gallery "MyPlasticheart" for the first time.


dust: darkdust

Ausstellung: 21.8. - 18.9. 2009

Vernissage: 21.8. ab 19h

Vernissage Urban Expo aka Pretty Portal Allstars

December 04, 2008


 Photos: Hannes Domdey

Düsseldorf loves Heimat

October 28, 2008

Heimat loves you and Düsseldorf loves  Heimat. This is the conclusion after the opening show of Stefan Strumbels exhibition: What the fuck is Heimat?.

Pictures from the opening show

and from the exhibition.

The exhibition can be seen until the  21st of november. ( Monday to friday from 3 p.m. - 6 p.m. )

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Wolfgang Krell

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