FinDAC "Tanana", Printrelease 16.09.

September 15, 2014

On 16th of september at 4pm (CET) we will release FinDAC´s latest screen print. "Tanana“ (Orange) is a 5 layer screenprint on 70 x 70cm Somerset Velvet 280gsm. Edition of 90. Signed, numbered and embossed by the artist. Price: €250. The beauties will drop on 16th of september, 4pm (CET) at

FinDAC „Tanana“ (orange)
5 layer screenprint on Somerset Velvet 280gsm
70x70 cm, Edition of 90
signed & numbered by the artists

JANA&JS - By your side

July 03, 2014

We are happy to announce the release of "By your side",  the latest edition from Jana&JS.
The artwork is based on a mural the artist couple painted in Vieanna in may.
The edition is hand painted with watercolor, pencil and spraypaint on old french architecture plans from M.E.Arnaud. Each piece is slightly different and unique. The edition comes in the color version blue (11pieces) and red (7pieces) and will be available in our online shop ( at 3rd of July, 4pm (CET)

Jana & JS " By your side"
Watercolor, acrylics, aerosol and stencil on old paper
(extract from "cours d'architecture et de constructions civiles" M.E.Arnaud - imprimerie des arts et manufactures, Paris, 1928)
Edition of 18 (11 blue + 7 red), each one hand painted and unique
44,5 cm * 27,5 cm, signed and numbered, 180€

By your side (Vienna 2014)

Ortcianoodles, JANA&JS: Latest editions dropping on 12th of december

December 09, 2013

As the final releases for this year Pretty Portal comes with a double release on the 12th of december. We will drop the latest stencil prints from Orticanoodles and Jana&Js, which come both with a very limited edition.

Jana&Js: Something good made me forget
Stencil/Spraypaint, Acrylic and indian ink on old music paper
Edition of 12 / 48x31cm / 180€

Orticanoodles: Lust for life
Stencils/ Spraypaint on Fedrigoni (220g/m)
Edition of 15, each one is painted in different colours, so each one is unique
50x70cm / 250€

Printrelease FinDAC: Odettia, 4th of december

December 02, 2013

On wednesday we will release "Odettia" the latest screenprint from FinDAC.
The prints will drop on 4th of december at 4pm(CET) in our online shop. His last prints were all sold out in minutes.


FinDAC: Odettia (jade)
Screenprint, acrylic & spraypaint on Somerset Velvet (100% cotton paper with deckled edges)
The colour splash and the tagstyles are handpainted/sprayed, so each one is slightly different and unique.
Edition of 50, 56x76 cm, 150€

FinDAC: Odettia (gold)
Screenprint, acrylic & spraypaint on Somerset Velvet (100% cotton paper with deckled edges)
The colour splash and the tagstyles are handpainted/sprayed, so each one is slightly different and unique.
Edition of 25, 56x76 cm, 180€

BTOY "Cleopatra IV"

November 25, 2013

We are very proud to announce the release of the stencil print edition of BTOY´s iconic image "Cleopatra IV"

Spraypaint/ stencil & silkscreen on Fabriano watercolour paper rough grain 100% cotton, 300g/m
Edition of 30

The background is in metallic gold.
The edition drops on wednesday, 27th of november, 4pm (CET) at

The Bundeskunsthalle, in former german capitol Bonn, showed BTOY´s "Cleopatra" in the Cleopatra exhibition, which focussed on the egyptian queen as inspiration for artists in the last 500 years. The expo had pieces from Michelangelo to Warhol. BTOY´s image was the key visual for the exhibition and was displayed on catalogues, flyer and posters all over Germany. The exhibition which was a big success can be seen in Berlin next year.


November 08, 2013

We are happy to announce the stencils print release "CRAZY FOR YOU" from german based artist DECYCLE. The print comes in a very low edition of 20 and will be available on the 13th of november, 4pm (CET) in our online shop.

"Crazy for you"
Stencil / Spraypaint on handmoulded paper (300g/m) with deckled edges
Edition of 20

Mark Gmehling: Fighting spirit

October 16, 2013

The latest limited artprint "Fighting spirit" from Mark Gmehling is now available in our Shop.

Mark Gmehling: Fighting Spirit (jelly/black) / Edition of 23
Fine art print on heavy Photoluxx Professional Matte (270g/m)
60 × 80cm / signed /150 €

get your "Fighting spirit" here

Mark Gmehling is an urban artist, illustrator and pioneer in the german graff scene.
Over the last years he developed a style, which connects urban art, CGI and graffiti in a very unique way.

Print release: FinDAC - Moonchild

September 20, 2013

Next week we will release "Moonchild, the long expected latest screenprint from FinDAC.  The prints drop on tuesday, 24th of september at 4pm (CET).The beauties will be available here:

The last screenprints (Killer Instinct, Agent O) from FinDAC sold out in minutes. Fin DAC has has been invited to paint murals all over the world (Los Angeles, Colombia, Minneapolis, Montreal und Ibiza) in the last few months. Due to his amazing development over the last two years he is one of the most requested urban artists today.

Moonchild comes in two color versions: Princetion orange in an edition of 50 and moon-silver in an edition of 25.

Handpulled Screenprint with painted colour splash in acrylic and additional spraypaint styles and splashes on Somerset 300g/m, signed.
The color splash and spraypaint styles are handpainted, so every print is slightly different and unique.
76 × 56 cm
Edition of 50
150,00 Euro 
incl. VAT plus shipping


Edition of 25
180,00 Euro 
incl. VAT plus shipping

TANKPETROL: WINTER 94 (available on 10th of september, 4pm CET)

September 09, 2013

Tomorrow (10th of september) Pretty Portal will release "Winter´94" the latest stencil edition of TANKPETROL.
Winter ´94 comes in a very low limited edition in three colors, grey, red and yellow.

Winter ´94 (grey/red/ yellow)
Stencil/ Spraypaint on flatten Montana 94 box
each in an edition of 5
20 x 68 cm

The edition will drop on the 10th of september, 4pm (CET) at

The polish Urban Artist Tankpretrol lives and works in Manchester.
As resident artist at Sketch City and Polish Invad Arts Collective, Tankpetrol has gone on to be commissioned by Sven Vath, Diesel, Carhartt and others.
He has painted live at several UK and international Urban Art festivals.

Introducing Natalia Rak

July 03, 2013

Natalia Rak is one of the most exciting painters and street artists to emerge in Poland's contemporary art scene.  Born in 1986, Natalia received a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Lodz, Poland, specializing in graphic arts.  

Drawn, Acrylic and oil on canvas, 52x62


Her work has been exhibited throughout Europe, and she has made waves at some of the continent's most prestigious street art events, most recently at the 2012 Walk and Talk Festival on Madeira Island in the Portuguese Azores.

“It´s not a shame to cry", 40x50 cm, Acrylic an oil on wood in shadow gap

“Blow your mind”, 60 x 82 cm, Acrylic an oil on wood in shadow gap

Natalia Rak is one of the new artists at Pretty Portal. Her artworks can be seen at the FACE OFF show until 20th of july.

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