David Monllor - Fade into nothing

February 12, 2014


To kick off the year we show works by David Monllor .

David Monllor was born in 1987 as the son of an Italian mother and a Spanish father in the Swiss canton of Aargau , where he still lives and works. Already in his early childhood, he discovered his passion and fascination with the figurative representation and painting.

At the age of twelve he comes for the first time with the subculture "Graffiti " in contact that has a lasting impact on David Monllors works. He travels abroad, working with lots of urban artsist and painting countless murals.
As an autodidact he refined and developed his techniques with the spray into total perfection. Hyper Realistic portraits are his trademark.

In the search for new forms of expression he discovered his fascination for painting with oil. His current work moves between meticulously drawn photorealistic paintings to abstract portraits that dissolve explosively and create an entirely new aesthetic in the eye of the beholder.

David Monllor
Fade into nothing
28.2. - 28.3.
Vernissage 28.2. 19 - 22h

Pixelpancho : Rusted Ideas

March 13, 2013

We are looking forward to present the extraordinary works of the Italian artist Pixelpancho in march. Pixelpancho is one of the outstanding protagonists of the Italian urban art scene, which has gradually developed around artists such as Blu, Erica il cane, the Fame Festival and Studio Chromie.

Vernissage: 22.3. 19-22h
Exhibition 25.3. - 20.4.

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In his surrealistic imagery puppets, robots, toys and ancient creatures merge together, alluding to large brands of commerce, superheroes and known pop icons, that a are in a process of ongoing disintegration. Pixelpancho succeeds in convincing not only because of its eye-catching painting skills, but also because of his unique style, which draws on various and diverse sources.

Pixelpancho in Warsaw

ecb - Hendrik Beikirch : Faces of hope and struggle

June 10, 2010

Starting on the 18th of june, Pretty Portal shows new works by ecb - Hendrik Beikirch. Large sized Portraits are in the focus of the presentation, which already impressed the visitors of stroke02 artfair in munich two weeks ago.

On his travels Hendrik Beikirch drafted charismatic people, who caught his eye because of a special expression of hope and struggle. Such as a pizza baker out of Brooklyn/ new York and a factory work out of the Ukraine.
The portraits are reduced on the person and shows them frontal. In form and content there is an approximation to the biometrical exposure used in up-to-date passport photography. This is contrasted by the draft like painting method that Hendirk Beikirch developed in the last years. In this procedure he mixes spraypaint, acrylic paint and water to create the impression of an oversized watercolour paiting on the canvas.

ecb - Hendrik Beikirch
Faces of Hope and struggle
18.6. - 16.7.
Vernissage 18.6. 19-23h

New works by Pascal Schwendener

June 10, 2010

Grand City Canyon
Oil on canvas
140 x 240 cm

Luftschloss (Castle in the air)
Oil on canvas
140 x 190 cm

Stroke 02 München II

June 09, 2010

ecb - Hendrik Beikirch


Pascal Schwendener

Exhibition SAM3 "Nice to meet you"

May 17, 2010

Some impressions from SAM3´s exhibition "Nice to meet you"

more pics

If you want to receive the pricelist please send an email to rosskothen@prettyportal.de .

Schwarz auf Weiss (black and white) - Style needs no color

March 30, 2010

„Schwarz auf weiss“ (Black and white) is based on the idea to focus on the essential by relinquishing on color.

Following this concept fourty international Graffiti and Urban Artistswill show selected works at the Pretty portal Gallary. The artists will show characters, styles und illustrations that altercate with the  „style needs no color“ philosophy.

„Schwarz auf weiss (Balck and white)/
Style needs no color“

Vernissage: 09.04.2010 ab 19h
Exhibition: 09.04. - 30.04.2010


Abe, Acse, Aro, Arsek (BG), Bark in the Yard (UK), Biser, Blaze, Bobsmade, Boris, Caktus&Maria, Cybe, Dennis Seide (DK), Deko, Desan21 (CH), Dome, Dosek (CH), Dust, Duster132 (FR), Eitel, Erase (BG), Erik Hancock (US), Ezra (CH), Formfieber, Hombre, Honsar, Karltoon, Hari D, Karöe, Keos 1, Kornel (CH), Lasse, Magic, Mike Hyp (US), Miedo12 (ES), Monsta (FR), Morten Anderson (US), Mr.Moes (CH), Note (CH), Nychos (AT), Pheks (CH), Pixeljuice23, Pixelpancho, Pndk (FR), Push (CH), Rips (CH), Rusl, Semor, Sir21, Shame, Schwarzmaler (CH), Story, Tomsta (AT),View (CH), WALEE (FR), Zone56, Zonenkinder

Pictures from the Exhibition: ICH

March 10, 2010


2 sick bastards

January 07, 2010

The  2 sick bastards from London having a short Intermezzo in the gallery in january. The artistduo plays with iconic imiges and wellknown logograms and sets a critical light and brands and popstars.

The canvases come with a series of silkscreen prints

that are available in our  Onlineshop .

Vernissage Urban Expo 2009

January 07, 2010

Some pcs from the vernissage: Urban Expo 2009

more pics

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