Urban Expo 2011

November 15, 2011

The last show of the year 2011 is showing new works from SAM3, drawings from Kornel and sculptures from HAnnes Höhlig.

Also in the show are works from BASE 23, BTOY, Czarnobyl X-ter, ELIOT, FAKE, L.E.T., Morten Andersen, Pascal Schwendener, PISA73, REME and mpre.

Vernissage:Freitag, 25. November · 19:00 - 22:00

Exhibition:25.November - 23.Dezember 2011

Stencils Only: Some pics from the show

October 20, 2011

BTOY: Silence
Spraypaint and acrylic on heavy paper
Edition of 25

all artwork from BTOY

C215: Midnight dreams
Spraypaint  and acrylic on canvas in shadow gap

all artwork from C215

CZARNOBY X-ter: EVA01 V.03
Spraypaint on cardboard

all artwork from Czarnobyl X-ter

L.E.T.: I will never say
spraypaint and wallpaint on paper
80× 180cm

all artwork from L.E.T.

FAKE: Pirate Ink
Spraypaint on canvas
Edition of 3
70× 100cm

all artwork from FAKE

Stencils Only 2011

September 21, 2011



BTOY (Barcelona)
C215 (Paris)
ESOB (Düsseldorf)
FAKE (Amsterdam)
L.E.T. (Düsseldorf)
PISA73 (Berlin)

14.10. - 11.11.2011

Like last year Pretty Portal presents a groupshow with some of the most stunning stencil artists from the european urban art scene.

Stencils have a big influence on the process of creating imagery in streetart and can be seen in the urban surrounding of every big city aournd the word. The artworks are photgraphic, illustrative, using icons of our daily life and pop culture

Print Release : Hellhounds

April 05, 2011

"Hellhounds", the collabo print by BASE23 / Morten Andersen from the show Hellhounds fomrn the north" is now available in our Online Shop!

limited to 15

50× 70cm
Giclee print on archival Paper

More works by BASE23 / Morten Andersen in our Online Shop

Hell Hounds from the North

March 01, 2011

At the first exhibition of this year Pretty Portal shows Morten Andersen and Base23, two artists who both tend to Urban Art. Morten Andersen attracted the public attention by using rhythmic forms and expressive, whirling colours. Base 23 hypnotized people creating characters, that remind indian totems ot the 23. century.
The vigorous and graphical pieces of Base 23 build a strong contrast to abstract works by Morten Andersen. As a result the visitors/viewers will experiece great tension caused by the confrontation of the both artists.

"Hell Hounds From The North"
Base 23/ Morten Andersen
Opening 25.03.2011, 19h
Show: 25.03. - 29.04.2011

Morten Andersen:

Morten Andersen paints and stretches his lines artistically within the neo form of abstraction known today as urban abstract contemporary.
In his artwork Morten channels an intense relationship and obsession for crooked lines, abstract forms, transparent overlaying techniques, and graphically styled patterns into a universe of tones, complemented and sparked by the flow of a few contrast colors and powerful visual elements. 

Marker work is a strong player in Morten's work, and although it's very time intensive, it gives the final work a delicate hand styled skin.

Energetically, expressively, everything is detailed to the extreme through hard contrasts, it's stretched, twisted, and bears a raw energy similar to that of graffiti. Morten continues to stylistically pursue this point of origin in his visuals, building on a decade of aerosol calisthenics that paved his way into the fine arts.
In the first glimpse the line work displays a resemblance to an abstract letter of the alphabet, proposing an immediate visual communication that is accentuated by unexpected color bursts. The works offer a depth of layering and variety of elements, offering ways into the painting to create an outlet for the observer to understand their own style, thoughts, personal emotions, and states of mind.


Besides showing his works in selected group shows and solo shows in numerous galleries and exhibitions in Denmark, the last couple of years has seen Morten's work travel to quite a few places abroad, both single handedly, but also showing with his artist crews, OSC Click and AOS (Army Of Snipers). Berlin, Munich, Barcelona, London, Malmö, Washington D.C, Denver, Portland, Paris, Miami (Art Basel), Cologne (Bloom 21 Art Fair) and more...


The RAL-Galaxia and their life forms were discovered by aerosol scientist BASE23 two and a half years ago after doing research in the laboratories for about 17,5 years in the aerosol universe.  

Since then the color machines and animals have landed on planet earth to make our daily environment more colorful. You can find them in the streets, abandoned areas and hall of fames around our globe.

BASE23 lives and works in Berlin and has exhibited in Barcelona, London, Melbourne, Paris, Berlin and several German cities. BASE23 started with graffiti in 1989 and went on to study, majoring in graphic design/typography.

Urban Expo 2010

December 21, 2010

At the turn of the year we present a groupshow with:

2Sick Bastards, Arno Beck, BTOY, C215, dust, Joy Mädi Evil, L.E.T., Loomit, Mr. Penfold, Nychos, Pascal Schwendener, Pisa73, Peeta, Remed, SAM3, u.a.


01.12.2010 - 28.01.2011


Preparing the show

October 21, 2010

REMED : Duality

October 18, 2010

France has long been a breeding ground for unusual street art and graff styles. It is no wonder that the work of the French urban artist REMED are surprisingly different and fresh.

REMED mixes graphical style of the seventies, the "New Image" of the eighties, typography and Graffti to his very independ and individual imagery. His works are timeless, to the point, but full of spirit and zeitgeist. Like a time warp his pictures include the imagery of the last forty years.
His work and murals can be found in many publications that deal with the issue of street art. REMED is currently one of the popular urban artists. This year is work was shown already in the Carhardt Gallery in Madrid at AVIA PREVIA in Bologna and in the PURE EVIL Gallery in London.


Vernissage 22.10.2010
22.10. - 19.11.2010

REMED in the web


September 13, 2010


BTOY (Barcelona)
C215 (Paris)
L.E.T. (Düsseldorf)
PISA73 (Berlin)

24.09.2010, 19-23h
24.09. - 15.10. 2010

Event on Facebook

Pretty Portal group on Facebook

Arno Beck : Vertical Ghetto

August 03, 2010

After the summer break Pretty Portal shows a series of works from Arno Beck titled "Vertical Ghetto."
Inspired by his travels in Latin America, particularly visits to the Brazilian favelas, Arno Beck sets apart with architecture as an organic process.

In his pictures he creates a new space - architectural landscapes that are not planned, but grow, grow quite abstruse and not functional.
He uses a visual vocabulary that he build up during his artistic creation in the public space, in abandoned factories and industrial sites.

In his working process, he uses a variety of techniques and materials. Graphic elements, photo and print to take drawing and brushwork stressed structures. Spray paint, acrylic, oil, ink, collage and mixed print on canvas, paper and wood.

The exhibition shows three phases of the conflict of the artist with the issue.
The first step: linocuts of photo compositions, then the combination of linoleum prints with painting, collage, drawing, and finally the dissolution of the concrete structures; to Arno Beck the essence and logical consequence of his working process.

Arno Beck studies art since 2006 at the Dusseldorf Art Academy in teacher Markus Lüpertz, Reinhold Braun and Eberhard Havekost.

Arno Beck
Vertical Ghetto

Vernissage :27.8.2010, 19h

Exhibition from 27.08.2010 to 17.09.2010

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Wolfgang Krell

06.03 - 10.04.



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