REMED : Duality

October 18, 2010

France has long been a breeding ground for unusual street art and graff styles. It is no wonder that the work of the French urban artist REMED are surprisingly different and fresh.

REMED mixes graphical style of the seventies, the "New Image" of the eighties, typography and Graffti to his very independ and individual imagery. His works are timeless, to the point, but full of spirit and zeitgeist. Like a time warp his pictures include the imagery of the last forty years.
His work and murals can be found in many publications that deal with the issue of street art. REMED is currently one of the popular urban artists. This year is work was shown already in the Carhardt Gallery in Madrid at AVIA PREVIA in Bologna and in the PURE EVIL Gallery in London.


Vernissage 22.10.2010
22.10. - 19.11.2010

REMED in the web


September 13, 2010


BTOY (Barcelona)
C215 (Paris)
L.E.T. (Düsseldorf)
PISA73 (Berlin)

24.09.2010, 19-23h
24.09. - 15.10. 2010

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Arno Beck : Vertical Ghetto

August 03, 2010

After the summer break Pretty Portal shows a series of works from Arno Beck titled "Vertical Ghetto."
Inspired by his travels in Latin America, particularly visits to the Brazilian favelas, Arno Beck sets apart with architecture as an organic process.

In his pictures he creates a new space - architectural landscapes that are not planned, but grow, grow quite abstruse and not functional.
He uses a visual vocabulary that he build up during his artistic creation in the public space, in abandoned factories and industrial sites.

In his working process, he uses a variety of techniques and materials. Graphic elements, photo and print to take drawing and brushwork stressed structures. Spray paint, acrylic, oil, ink, collage and mixed print on canvas, paper and wood.

The exhibition shows three phases of the conflict of the artist with the issue.
The first step: linocuts of photo compositions, then the combination of linoleum prints with painting, collage, drawing, and finally the dissolution of the concrete structures; to Arno Beck the essence and logical consequence of his working process.

Arno Beck studies art since 2006 at the Dusseldorf Art Academy in teacher Markus Lüpertz, Reinhold Braun and Eberhard Havekost.

Arno Beck
Vertical Ghetto

Vernissage :27.8.2010, 19h

Exhibition from 27.08.2010 to 17.09.2010

Interlude with Cole Blaq

August 03, 2010

In the  middle of the summer we are happy to announce a little interlude with  Cole Blaq. The Lego-Graffiti pioneer Lego Graffiti Pioneer Cole Blaq was one of the first who build three dimensional styles out of Lego bricks.

Cole Blaq´s work is surprisingly fresh, almost provoking sometimes, and the objects are of high refinement, very well thought to the last detail.

Cole Blaq was represented by the company Lego with an exhibition and a book "Constructed Styles -  Lego Bricks in Urban Art" 


Cole Blaqs Lego sculptures  can be seen in the gallery until 6th of august.

SAM3 Printrelease

May 05, 2010


SAM3: Security


3 Colour  Screenprint on heavy paper
Edition of 90

The print will be released on friday at the opening of the show "Nice to meet you" and will be available in our Onlineshop on monday, 10th of may.

For Preorders please contact us at

SAM3: Nice to meet you

April 21, 2010

We are proud to announce a solo show with  the international known Streetartist SAM3 in may.



The artwork of SAM3 is ironical, poetic and inspiring. SAM3 is well known for his large scale black and white paintings that remind of shilouttes or shadows.

His paintings focus through the reduction of colours and clear shapes and theirintense presence is like a magnet to the observer.

His works are dominated by figurative elements, which are in the state of metamorphosis. His protagonists are growing from the wall and stick stick to their surrounding by large roots that  develop out of them.

SAM3 is born in spain, lives in Madrid, but his artworks can be seen around the world. Besides his paintings he produces experimental stop motion shortmovies.

Exhibition: 07.05. - 04.06.
Vernissage: 07.05. 19-23h

Vernissage Style needs no color

April 14, 2010

more pics

Pictures Grotesque Theatre Cafe

February 15, 2010




Peeta: Sparkle and fade

October 20, 2009

Starting on October 30th the well-known international graffiti artist Peeta exhibits his work at Pretty Portal Düsseldorf and is therefore seen in a German gallery for the first time.

The Italien artist Peeta (alias Manuel Di Rita) made his first graffiti in a small town somewhere between Venice and Padua in 1993. Today, sixteen years later, Peeta's work is an inherent part in the international graffiti scene. Here, at Pretty Portal, Peeta can be seen in a German gallery for the first time.

This artists style is extraordinary: Beginning with organic conceptions in his early work, Peeta soon develops his very own typically typographic style, that is characterized by its impressive visual depth and unique 3D-composition. For some years now Peeta is, next to his wall pieces and murals, also working on canvas and sculptures. In the artists opinion those media don't exclude, they rather inspire each other. Working on a sculpture gives him new ideas for wall pieces, while on the other hand those graffiti inspire him to build the same furious forms in a sculptural way. The wall graffiti are dynamic and outstanding - the works on canvas show the same energy but with more privacy. Peeta shows his skills and experience on all areas.

Not only Italy, but also the Mecca for graffiti, New York City, influenced Peeta's work: In 2003 he became part of the FX crew of New York City and three years later he shall be a RWK crew member. At home in Padua he already was part of the EAD crew. Together with other famous international street artists (for example ecb or Loomit, both already held an exhibition at Pretty Portal) he's always looking for new projects all over the world.

Next to his activity on graffiti and street art, Manuel Di Rita is working as an industrial and product designer. That's another important impulse for his art, which is best expressed in his sculptures. Here polyurethane, wood and cellulose acetate meets leather, paper and cardboard. This combination of design and graffiti is one of the characteristics of Peeta's art, that causes a permanent further development.

30.10. - 27.11
Vernissage: 30.10. /19h - 23h

Pretty Portal
Brunnenstr. 12
40223 Düsseldorf

Loomit: Pics from the exhibition

October 20, 2009

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