Pictures from the Exhibition: ICH

March 10, 2010


2 sick bastards

January 07, 2010

The  2 sick bastards from London having a short Intermezzo in the gallery in january. The artistduo plays with iconic imiges and wellknown logograms and sets a critical light and brands and popstars.

The canvases come with a series of silkscreen prints

that are available in our  Onlineshop .

Vernissage Urban Expo 2009

January 07, 2010

Some pcs from the vernissage: Urban Expo 2009

more pics

Urban Expo 2009

November 24, 2009

The Urban Expo 2009 is a groupshow with six street- and urban artists. Bres81, Cole Blaq, Hannes Höhlig, Miroh, Nel, Wow the dead will show Sculptures, wallpaintings,  pieces in oil-based paint and acrylic paint and markers on canvas and paper.

Urban Expo 2009
Bres81, Cole Blaq, Hannes Höhlig, Miroh, Nel, Wow the dead
Vernissage 04.12.2009 ab 19h
Ausstellung 04.12. - 23.12.2009

Wow the dead

Bres 81



Exhibition Peeta

November 20, 2009

click on the pics to see more

The exhibition Peeta "Sparke and Fade" can be seen in the gallery until 27th of november.

Loomit – Rahmen sind schwierig (Frames are difficult)

September 14, 2009

Pretty Portal proudly presents a new solo show by german graffiti-legend Loomit, starting at the end of september.

In 1983, Loomit (alias Mathias Köhler) did his first graffiti at the age of 15. 26 years later he is one of the most known and desired graffiti artist in Germany. Though everything started with a water tower in a small town in Bavaria and a following lawsuit.

The national and international streetart scene knows Loomit for his large-sized and colouful work, that stands out with its extreme three-dimensionality. Single letters and words warped beyond recognition are creating their own new space. His fantastic pictures filled with mysterious characters and secrets make Loomit the epitome of german graffiti.

To escape the mostly illegal streetart underground, Loomit always worked for advertising agencies and private clients. Next to his graffiti-life he received a tatoo artist training by the New York writer-legend Seen, also known as the „godfather of graffiti“. Today Loomit is a legend and a role model himself, looking back on 26 years of experience in graffiti and streetart. In 2002 his work was honoured with the art price of Schwabingen.

The city streets will always be Loomit's favourite activity area, but fortunately - if you ask galleries all over the world - Mathias Köhler also works on canvas and wood. Thus, the solo show at Pretty Portal presents smaller canvas pieces, that make an innovative use of techniques and materials possible.

Loomit - Rahmen sind schwierig (Frames are difficult)

25.09. - 23.10.
25.09. /19h - 23h

dust: "darkdust" exhibition opening on 21st of august

August 12, 2009

Starting on the 21. of august we present a new and impressive exhibition by dust with the title "darkdust"

Dust's works open our eyes for a fragile and organic microcosm: For one moment it appears a fanciful picture that is vanished again with the next glance.

The works are focused on the vision of harmony between humans and nature. The abstract and reduced form of a human being, without its true identity - like animals in a consumer society. The artists style is a mixture of contemporary abstraction, surrealism and striking form and colour design.

Works are now not only seen in the streets of modern metropolises but also in contemporary galleries.

Next to the artists established work on canvas and paper there will also be his new serial of sculptures and designtoys. Recently those „Schergen“ were successfully presented in the New York Gallery "MyPlasticheart" for the first time.


dust: darkdust

Ausstellung: 21.8. - 18.9. 2009

Vernissage: 21.8. ab 19h

ecb Hendirk Beikirch " A Summer"

April 28, 2009

Starting at the  8th of may Pretty Portal shows an exhibition from ecb - Hendrik Beikirch which is called: "A Summer"

ecb - Hendrik Beikirch
"A Summer"
Exhibition: 8.5. - 5.6.2009
Vernissage: 8.5. ab 19h
mit DJ Lee Bass

Graffiti as aesthetics between art and act of willful damage, sign language for the speed and mobility of modern urban Indians - these characterisations of wall art from the spray can are widely known. With his work on canvas, Hendrik “ecb“ Beikirch now shows that rather than following the pathway from the underground into the respectability of art galleries, graffiti is an art of space and its representation.

He does not transfer the sign language itself from walls onto canvas, but rather captures the topographical scenarios in which this language takes place. Stairways, bridges and arcades are the topics of his canvasses, with a wide sky spanning above as a symbol of anarchy and the open space for which the art of graffiti was originally designed. In these imaginary visions, anonymity and secrecy metamorphose to near photographic perfection. A deliberately minimised colour palette and a blending and running of colours evoke the melancholy of a bygone era, reminiscent of images from the early age of photography. Here, graffiti has been transformed into an art of ephemeral beauty.

Vernissage Urban Expo aka Pretty Portal Allstars

December 04, 2008


 Photos: Hannes Domdey

Pictures of the exhibition dust RAS customized series

September 24, 2008

Last friday the exhibition of dust RAS customized opened
and can be seen until the 17th of octobre at Pretty Portal
Business hours:
Monday to friday 15-18h

Here are some pictures from the gallery and the art.

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