Natalia Rak: Through the looking glass

March 20, 2014

We are happy to announce a solo show from polish artist Natalia Rak at Pretty Portal Gallery in April.


Natalia Rak´s beautiful murals show up all around the world. The Polish artist’s colors glow with an intensity that’s a fresh breath to the street art scene, with a focus on female imagery and wonderful compositions.
Born in 1986, this young female artist is fast being recognized in Polish contemporary art circles. She has been featured at „Walk and Talk Festival“ on Madeira Island, „No Name Festival“ in France, „Stroke Art Fair“ and „Art Whino“ just to name a few.
Last year she won the „Artbattles" in New York. Her mural „The legend of giants“ was voted as one of the Top5 urban art pieces created in 2013, next to artworks from Banksy and JR.

In "Through the looking glass“ she will show a series of new paintings on canvas. 

Blind Man´s Bluff, 79x109cm, Öl auf Leinwand

„Poland based artist Natalia Rak is adept on a variety of scales.  Her style and technical skill holds true from the canvas to the multi-story mural.  Rak paints with a particularly brightly colored palette, scenes populated by stylized yet still realistic people.  She’s had an interest in art since she was only ten years old that has stayed with her through graduation from the University of Lodz studying fine art.  Rak has since been exhibiting work on canvases and walls internationally as well as standing out in her home country which is seeing a surge in street and mural art.“
(Danny Olda, HiFructose 12/1013)

Legend of Giants (Poland)

Natalia Rak
"Through the looking glass"
11.4. - 9.5.
Vernissage 11.4. 19-22h

If you would like to receive the collectors preview (pdf) please send me an email to

Reborn, 74x95cm, Ol auf Leinwand

David Monllor - Fade into nothing

February 12, 2014


To kick off the year we show works by David Monllor .

David Monllor was born in 1987 as the son of an Italian mother and a Spanish father in the Swiss canton of Aargau , where he still lives and works. Already in his early childhood, he discovered his passion and fascination with the figurative representation and painting.

At the age of twelve he comes for the first time with the subculture "Graffiti " in contact that has a lasting impact on David Monllors works. He travels abroad, working with lots of urban artsist and painting countless murals.
As an autodidact he refined and developed his techniques with the spray into total perfection. Hyper Realistic portraits are his trademark.

In the search for new forms of expression he discovered his fascination for painting with oil. His current work moves between meticulously drawn photorealistic paintings to abstract portraits that dissolve explosively and create an entirely new aesthetic in the eye of the beholder.

David Monllor
Fade into nothing
28.2. - 28.3.
Vernissage 28.2. 19 - 22h

Ortcianoodles, JANA&JS: Latest editions dropping on 12th of december

December 09, 2013

As the final releases for this year Pretty Portal comes with a double release on the 12th of december. We will drop the latest stencil prints from Orticanoodles and Jana&Js, which come both with a very limited edition.

Jana&Js: Something good made me forget
Stencil/Spraypaint, Acrylic and indian ink on old music paper
Edition of 12 / 48x31cm / 180€

Orticanoodles: Lust for life
Stencils/ Spraypaint on Fedrigoni (220g/m)
Edition of 15, each one is painted in different colours, so each one is unique
50x70cm / 250€

Printrelease FinDAC: Odettia, 4th of december

December 02, 2013

On wednesday we will release "Odettia" the latest screenprint from FinDAC.
The prints will drop on 4th of december at 4pm(CET) in our online shop. His last prints were all sold out in minutes.


FinDAC: Odettia (jade)
Screenprint, acrylic & spraypaint on Somerset Velvet (100% cotton paper with deckled edges)
The colour splash and the tagstyles are handpainted/sprayed, so each one is slightly different and unique.
Edition of 50, 56x76 cm, 150€

FinDAC: Odettia (gold)
Screenprint, acrylic & spraypaint on Somerset Velvet (100% cotton paper with deckled edges)
The colour splash and the tagstyles are handpainted/sprayed, so each one is slightly different and unique.
Edition of 25, 56x76 cm, 180€

BTOY "Cleopatra IV"

November 25, 2013

We are very proud to announce the release of the stencil print edition of BTOY´s iconic image "Cleopatra IV"

Spraypaint/ stencil & silkscreen on Fabriano watercolour paper rough grain 100% cotton, 300g/m
Edition of 30

The background is in metallic gold.
The edition drops on wednesday, 27th of november, 4pm (CET) at

The Bundeskunsthalle, in former german capitol Bonn, showed BTOY´s "Cleopatra" in the Cleopatra exhibition, which focussed on the egyptian queen as inspiration for artists in the last 500 years. The expo had pieces from Michelangelo to Warhol. BTOY´s image was the key visual for the exhibition and was displayed on catalogues, flyer and posters all over Germany. The exhibition which was a big success can be seen in Berlin next year.


November 19, 2013


Groupshow feat. BTOY, DECYCLE, FinDAC, ICKS, Jana&Js, L.E.T., Psychonautes, Orticanoodles, Tankpretrol, Stefan Winterle

In this years edition of the STENCILS ONLY show Pretty Portal presents original artworks from ICKS, Jana&JS, Psychonautes, Tankpetrol and Stefan Winterle.

Additional we will show the latest editions of BTOY, DECYCLE, FinDAC and Orticanoodles that will be released via Pretty Portal in november and december 2013.

7 - 10 pm

22.11. - 23.12.2013

Please send an Email to if you would like to receive the collectors preview/show catalog in PDF format.



November 08, 2013

We are happy to announce the stencils print release "CRAZY FOR YOU" from german based artist DECYCLE. The print comes in a very low edition of 20 and will be available on the 13th of november, 4pm (CET) in our online shop.

"Crazy for you"
Stencil / Spraypaint on handmoulded paper (300g/m) with deckled edges
Edition of 20

BLOOOM ART.FAIR Cologne 2013

October 28, 2013


Visit us at BLOOOM ART.FAIR Cologne from 30.10. to 04.11. 

We will show the latest artworks from

BTOY, FIN DAC, Jana&JS, Orticanoodles, Pau Quintanajornet, Pixelpancho ...

Staatenhaus am Rheinpark, Auenweg 17, 50679 Köln

more info

Mark Gmehling: Fighting spirit

October 16, 2013

The latest limited artprint "Fighting spirit" from Mark Gmehling is now available in our Shop.

Mark Gmehling: Fighting Spirit (jelly/black) / Edition of 23
Fine art print on heavy Photoluxx Professional Matte (270g/m)
60 × 80cm / signed /150 €

get your "Fighting spirit" here

Mark Gmehling is an urban artist, illustrator and pioneer in the german graff scene.
Over the last years he developed a style, which connects urban art, CGI and graffiti in a very unique way.

Pau Quintanajornet - Coming full circle

September 25, 2013

On the 27th of september we open the show "Coming full circle" from Pau Quintanajornet.

In Coming Full Circle, Pau is documenting a chapter of her artistic journey. A young artist takes stock of her path – the end of one story and the beginning of something new. " I needed these open spaces in order to give space to something new, to find a fresh approach to my art. Every ending bears a new beginning, and a lot of open strings are woven into something that eventually comes full cirle."

Vernissage 27.9. ab 19h
Ausstellung 27.9. - 19.10.

Pretty Portal 
Brunnenstr. 12
40223 Düsseldorf

Event on Facebook

Pau doesn't paint pictures. Pau creates worlds – open invitations to a journey into the beauty of Latin American influences and into the spheres of an artist, who with paper, wood, and ink playfully turns her world inside out.
The cleavage between cultures loosens up. From the friction between her Chilian roots and her German home she draws her own symbolism of strong women, who grow out of the ground like plants rising to the sky. Birds also occupy a large space in Pau's World: symbols for wisdom and peace, spreading their wings and being free spirits, coping with highs and lows.

Pau is a collector. Her atelier is home to countless keepsakes, ranging from plane tickets and stones to drawings and paintings from artist friends. Everything has its place in this world that tells the story of encounters through pieces of a mosaic. This place is her walk-in memory bank. All these little things eventually turn into her art. Pau's paintings are an expression of her inner world. She paints what she lives and feels.

Born in Chile and raised in the former DDR, Pau moved to Berlin at the age of 15 to broaden her horizons and find a creative outlet. She studied communication-design and illustration at the FHTW before taking off to South America. In Valparaiso, Chile, she recharged her batteries and set the course for her future. Pau fell in love with the Muralistas-movement and created her first wall pieces, there . Although she eventually returned to Germany, Pau would frequently revisit Latin America, her emotional home. During these returns, she might discover something new about herself or her art, socialize with other artists or improve her techniques. In the collective of the Muralistas and streetartists, Pau found birds of the same feather, although she still is one of very few female streetartists.

Pau has participated in numerous festivals, including 2011 the City Leaks Festival in Cologne, the 2013 Latidoamericano in Lima, and the 2013 Beantatuz in Tolosa. Her works are found on walls up to 15 meters long and 10 meters high. While Pau's walls are on display in public spaces, they are created with the permission of the communities. Pau’s interest lies in sharing her art with people, not creating notoriety for herself. "Painting walls is something which shapes the environment and makes it more colorful. It's a gift to community." Pau has recently been traveling across South America again. Until April of this year, she hiked the wild landscapes of Patagonia, took in the rough charm of Bolivia and Peru, and meanwhile emancipated herself as an artist.

Rebekkassines world is made out of words, Worten et encore plus de mots. No matter, of Haiku, Sonnet, rhymed or free poems – if something is interesting to the half-German, half-French girl, she will put it into a poem (most likely with some scribbled illustration, which in the case of the poems here on display, she voluntarily let Pau do.)  In Coming Full Circle, Pau and Rebekkassine travel a part of the journey together and bring it to an end, without doubting for one second that the world has many more adventures wainting for them.

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